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Live-action Family Guy movie is truly cursed

Live-action Family Guy movie is truly cursed

A Family Guy fan has made a mock-up poster for a live-action film, complete with brilliant casting choices for all the main characters.

Whenever anything that was originally animated decides to go down the live-action route, the results are often contentious. Some things just aren’t meant to be portrayed in a ‘realistic’ way, as we’ve learnt time and time again in the past.

Netflix’s live-action Death Note movie was disastrous in a handful of ways, although mostly due to its strange plot alterations and generally just feeling rushed - we can only hope that the Duffer brothers’ live-action series will go down better when it releases. Meanwhile, the decision to make a realistic CGI remake of The Lion King will always be a strange one to me. The list could go on, and with that in mind, it’s wholly unsurprising that this fan-made live-action Family Guy movie poster is an utterly bewildering thing to behold.

We have high hopes for HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us - take a look at the trailer below.

As reported by UNILAD, Reddit user mindtraveIIer has put their Photoshop skills to the test to create a poster featuring the main Family Guy characters all portrayed by real human actors. Or dog, in Brian’s case. He’s literally just a dog with whiskey.

The user has cast Kevin James as Peter Griffin, Laura Linney as his wife Lois, Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo as Chris, and Ariel Winter as Meg. Meanwhile, Glenn Quagmire is portrayed by Bill Hader, Craig Robinson takes on the role of Cleveland Brown, and Joe Swanson is depicted by his actual voice actor, Patrick Warburton. Oh, and Stewie is literally a baby with a big head. Fair.

Even though it’s strange to see the characters in live-action form, a lot of the casting choices are pretty brilliant, as other users in the thread have agreed: “You, sir or madam, are an absolute genius. This is beyond perfect. Please accept and enjoy this free award… you’ve earned it!” replied Daveywheel. “Your effort is impeccable, you killed it! …But Stewie will forever haunt me though with a face like that,” wrote ImprovisedEndeavors.

Featured Image Credit: mindtraveIIer via Reddit, Disney–ABC Domestic Television

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