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The Last Of Us viewers say Pedro Pascal nailed the show's most intense scene yet

The Last Of Us viewers say Pedro Pascal nailed the show's most intense scene yet

The Last of Us viewers are full of praise for Pedro Pascal's performance in the interrogation scene of this week's episode.

It’s Monday which can only mean one thing. It’s time to unpack another top-tier episode of The Last of Us. The latest instalment, ‘When We Are In Need,’ explored David’s chapter of Ellie and Joel’s journey. For anyone who’s played the game, we knew it was going to be intense and oh man, it did not disappoint.

It goes without saying that I’ll be discussing episode eight in its entirety so consider this to be your spoiler warning. This week’s episode of The Last of Us had it all, well, except for infected but there was enough going on that I’m sure you didn’t notice the absence of our mushroom foes. Ellie absolutely destroyed David - whose behaviour was even more disturbing than in the game - plus we finally got to hear Joel call Ellie his baby girl. My heart is full. The scene fans cannot stop raving about though is the interrogation which Pedro Pascal absolutely nailed.

We have just one episode left to go. Take a look at the promo for the season finale, ‘Look for the Light’ below.

The scene was an almost line-for-line recreation of its game counterpart. Armed with a knife and a map, Joel essentially interrogated two of David’s men in a bid to try and find out where the group were keeping Ellie. Things got, let’s say, intense - and it was a stark reminder that while we’ve seen a more vulnerable side to Joel in recent weeks, his penchant for violence still lurks within.

Fans took to Twitter full of praise for the scene. User mellamo_JayR wrote, “Pedro f**king killed the interrogation scene. His acting is so f**king insane. Give him all the awards,” while giselleb1234 added, “Pedro Pascal EMBODIED that interrogation scene. Not a crumb in sight.” JOELSMILLRR said, “The pure rage in his eyes. I just smiled so wide. This man’s acting is f**king insane.”

Ellievjoel wrote, “They did the interrogation scene. We are CELEBRATING [..] Joel Miller you’ll always be famous,” plus haworthes said, “Interrogation scene. We SMILE.” I’m with everyone. Dad-mode Joel is the best Joel - and he was out in full force.

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