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Kid hasn't gotten Christmas presents in two years to repay Fortnite spending spree on gran's card

Kid hasn't gotten Christmas presents in two years to repay Fortnite spending spree on gran's card

One Reddit user has shared how their nephew spent $300 of his grandma's money on Fortnite without asking, and is now paying the price.

It’s now easier than ever for mischievous kids to “accidentally” spend their family’s cash on games, thanks to microtransactions. Remember when you used to be able to buy a game in one single payment, and that was the end of it? Simpler times.

As LADbible reports, one young boy is apparently now facing the consequences of his actions for spending $300 (about £246) of his grandma’s money behind her back on Fortnite. Reddit user Pandalungs explained that for two years, their nephew hasn’t been getting any Christmas or birthday presents from them, in an effort to help pay back their mum for the boy’s frivolous Fortnite spending.

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They explained that when their nephew was around 10 years old, he’d asked his grandma for $10 to buy the battle pass. She agreed, and put in her card details to pay for it. Unfortunately, later down the line, she kept getting charged (even on occasions when she’d not agreed to it), despite the user’s best efforts to delete her card information.

“Mom wasn’t going to force [my nephew and brother] to pay back the money, but I couldn't keep myself out of it any longer. I decided the nephew wouldn’t be getting the $25-50 gifts he normally gets for Christmas and birthdays. He could pay back his debt over the next three-six years, and I'd make sure she got it since we have some linked bank accounts,” Pandalungs explained. “It's been two years now without any gifts from me. He may not even notice. But I do, and I feel good about it. She still buys him gifts of course. But she's being repaid one way or another.”

Others in the Reddit thread have been suggesting new ideas the user to try in the future: “You should send him a card saying ‘$25 has been paid in your honour to the grandmother Fortnite fund’,” UnmaskedKaren wrote. “And put ‘as per previous years’ at the beginning so they realise how much he’s losing out on,” added lisa111998.

It certainly sounds like it’s a mistake that the kid won’t be repeating in the future, anyway.

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