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Kabosu, the beloved Doge meme dog, has passed away

Kabosu, the beloved Doge meme dog, has passed away

RIP the bestest doggo

A meme icon has passed away.

Kabosu quickly became popular as the face of the Doge meme cryptocurrency.

At the height of its popularity, social media was swamped with Kabosu’s adorable face; and likely such a sensation will happen again to mark their absence.

In the words of the official @dogecoin account, “Today Kabosu, our community's shared friend and inspiration, peacefully passed in the arms of her person. The impact this one dog has made across the world is immeasurable.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

On the blog of Kabosu’s owner – Kabosu Mama – a post/poem to announce the dog’s passing was shared.

Translated, part of the post reads, “While I stroke you, Like sleeping, He passed away quietly.”

Towards the end of the poem, Kabosu Mama shared this especially poetic and touching line, “Kabocha is, Still now, Smiling, Wagging his tail.”

Not only has Kabosu’s owner shared this heartfelt post, but they’ll also be holding a remembrance service this Sunday, 26 May.

For those unable to attend, the easiest means of paying their respects is via social media. And, true to form, fans have marked Kabosu’s passing by generating a new spate of memes.

Arguably, one of the most memorable is the Twitter post that reads, “She is resting with Harambe now.”

Others, however, chose a more traditional approach to share their condolences. @bavibull said, “RIP Kabosu, may your legacy live on forever and beyond.”

Described as the “bestest of doggo”, Kabosu will live on online, her memes shared far and wide. This is just another way that Kabosu will “spread” more joy; it’s bittersweet, but also signifies what a remarkable legacy is left in their wake.

Although it’s sad to know of their passing, it’s clear that no one will forget this legendary pooch any time soon.

Featured Image Credit: KabosuMama – Instagram

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