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'Joker 2' Report Says Movie Might Star Lady Gaga And Be A Musical

'Joker 2' Report Says Movie Might Star Lady Gaga And Be A Musical

Bad romance.

If you were unaware, Joker 2 has been officially confirmed. It was always going to happen. Joker did absolute gangbusters and has since become a cult hit, so the fact that a second movie is being made shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. We also know that the movie will be called Joker: Folie á Deux.

In our announcement of the news, our own Catherine figured out what Folie á Deux means, and it’s “a psychological disorder also known as shared psychotic disorder, or shared psychosis. It refers to when symptoms of delusions or hallucinations are transmitted from one person to another.” Right, glad we’ve cleared that up.

Check out the trailer for the original Joker right here to refresh your memory of Joaquin Phoenix’s excellent performance.

Anywho, to the new news. The Hollywood Reporter is suggesting that Lady Gaga is being considered for the role of Harley Quinn - Joker’s lover and confidant who also has a penchant for violence. But there’s more.

Director Todd Howard (who shared the news of Joker: Folie á Deux being announced on his Instagram which you can see below) is apparently going to make the movie a musical. If that’s the case, then I suppose Lady Gaga’s addition to the cast would make perfect sense - she’s one of the most talented and successful singer songwriters of her generation, so having her onboard would certainly take the idea to another level, and whack in some catchy tunes to boot.

While this all sounds quite pie in the sky, it’s worth remembering that Todd Philips directed A Star Is Born, which was a musical of sorts (in that it’s about musicians and has songs in it) which starred Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. So the idea of the two working together again isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. At any rate, this is all through the grapevine stuff and we likely won’t hear anything else about it for a while. Do keep your eyes peeled though, as will we.

Featured Image Credit: DC Films, Warner Bros., Lady Gaga via YouTube

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