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Id Software Is Working On “A Long-Running Iconic Action FPS”, Fans Think It’s Quake

Id Software Is Working On “A Long-Running Iconic Action FPS”, Fans Think It’s Quake

id Software is hiring for a "long-running" FPS but is it Doom?

Id Software, the team behind DOOM and DOOM Eternal as well as Quake is currently hiring. The developer is looking for new members to welcome to the team, and with the job listings comes a couple of new clues as to what id is working on next. But, we can’t quite tell if it’s DOOM or if it’s Quake for sure.

As reported by VGC, the developers have posted multiple job listings to work on an upcoming project. We currently don’t know what the team are working on after they released DOOM Eternal back in March 2020. By now they’re surely deep in development on another project, and it’s no surprise it’s a first-person shooter. There are several listings to work on the same project but we can look at the senior technical animator position for our first hint of what this project will be.

Here is the trailer for DOOM Eternal...

The post says: “id Software, part of the ZeniMax Media Inc. family of companies, is seeking a Senior Technical Animator/ Character TD to join our team in our Richardson, TX studio (near Dallas) in the development of a long-running iconic action FPS.”

So that really puts it down to either DOOM or Quake, right? It’s “long-running” not a new IP so it feels like it has to be one of the two. However some are now betting on Quake because of what the artist positions say. It’s noted that the successful applicant will “will be responsible for the visualization and implementation of AAA quality sci-fi and fantasy environmental vistas and skyboxes”.

Now sci-fi could be either game, but fantasy feels a little more Quake out of the two series. So although we don’t know for certain what’s on the horizon for id Software, we’re excited to see what the team produce already.

Featured Image Credit: id Software

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