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'House Of The Dragon' Crew Calls One Character A "Bullying White Boy”

'House Of The Dragon' Crew Calls One Character A "Bullying White Boy”

Talk the Thrones podcast host Joanna Robinson revealed that House of the Dragon's sound designer has some strong opinions about Caraxes.

The internet is thoroughly obsessed with House of the Dragon. The Game of Thrones spinoff has bagged itself some incredible audience and critic scores on Rotten Tomatoes, and the hype doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In particular, fans have been getting super attached to the new (old?) cast of characters, although one of them isn’t exactly a favourite amongst the show’s crew, it seems.

Take a look at the trailer for House of the Dragon below.

In one of The Ringer’s latest episodes of the Talk the Thrones podcast, in which the hosts shared their reactions to the show’s second episode, co-host Joanna Robinson revealed that the show’s sound designer, Paula Fairfield, considers one of the characters to be a “bullying white boy”. And no, it’s not Daemon.

“I sent a message to my pal Paula Fairfield, who does the dragon sound design […], and I was asking her about the sound design on Caraxes,” Robinson explained. “And she said, ‘basically, Miguel Sapochnik [director of season one] said he's the dragon that no one loves and he has a deviated septum. And my [Fairfield’s] expansion was that he's a bullying white boy who thinks he can rap and overcompensates, so like real Kendall Roy energy. [...] Plus, he's always hitting on the lady dragons. He tries to sing a new lovesick rap song he wrote for Syrax’.”

Well, that’s certainly a lot to unpack. Episode three is out on Sunday (4 September), by the way, so there’s not too long to wait for that.

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