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Horizon Zero Dawn meets Zelda in stunning new open world adventure

Horizon Zero Dawn meets Zelda in stunning new open world adventure

Lost Skies looks to blend the worlds of Horizon Zero Dawn and Zelda

Whether it’s the Horizon series from Guerrilla Games or The Legend of Zelda, both offer vast and beautiful worlds that encourage the player to explore every corner of its maps as they embark on epic adventures.

However, what if we could blend the best of both worlds from Horizon Forbidden West and Tears of the Kingdom, wouldn't that be fantastic? Well, that’s exactly what the upcoming game called Lost Skies developed by Bossa Studios sets to achieve.

Check out the Lost Skies developer diary below

Arriving on PC: “Lost Skies is a cooperative survival adventure for 1–6 players set amongst the clouds, in a vast sky of floating islands. Find and craft ancient technology, build your skyship, brave ferocious storms, and battle giant threats that await beyond the horizon,” reads the press release from publisher Humble Games. “Enter a seamless world where you are free to travel to any landmark you can see on the horizon,” it all sounds very exciting indeed.

Lost Skies promises an ancient world inhabited by danger as well as beauty. Players will be able to uncover its many mysteries and discover the truth behind the downfall of a once vibrant civilisation. The world will also feature colossi creatures and dangerous storms to keep players forever on their toes.

What’s more, to aid the player in traversing the world of Lost Skies, they will be armed with not only lethal weapons but also a “physics-based grappling hook’ and naturally, you’ll, of course, be able to glide through its blissful skies.

At the time of writing, a release date for Lost Skies hasn't been announced, but it is expected to launch on PC. What’s more, development is seemingly so early in production that its PC system requirements have yet to be detailed. You can however add Lost Skies to your Steam wishlist now.

Featured Image Credit: Humble Games

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