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Horizon Zero Dawn meets Pokémon in this banger open-world RPG

Horizon Zero Dawn meets Pokémon in this banger open-world RPG

Horizon Zero Dawn meets Pokémon in this banger open-world RPG

Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn and Pokémon should scoot their way over to steam to check out a banger open-world RPG that is currently celebrating a 60% off sale.

With an open-world likened to the one found in Horizon Zero Dawn and the creatures (I said it) found in Pokémon, Monster Hunter Rise is a 2022 online-coop RPG title from the developers at Capcom. As the latest instalment in the award-winning Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Rise features an all-new storyline, roster of monsters and maps to combine into an epic entry.

Check out the Monster Hunter Rise official trailer below!

You will become a hunter, able to use a variety of 14 different weapons types capable of taking down the most monstrous of creatures each with their own unique behaviors and level of ferocity. Inspired by Japanese-folklore, some of these creatures you will recognise including the wyvern Magnamalo but it will take more than a sharp sword to take down these cunning foes.

The way you approach combat is up to you in Monster Hunter Rise with the choice of going all up and personal with melee or keeping it safe with long range weaponry. If you prefer melee combat, you can choose between Great Swords, Long Swords, Dual Blades or the Lance or for those who like to stick to the high ground, you can try out the Bows and Bowguns.

Killing monsters has its purpose and that’s to farm materials which allow you to craft new weapons and armour. The scarier the monster, the bigger the reward so don’t be afraid to track down the mightiest of prey. However, if you need help, you can always recruit some friends in Monster Hunter Rise’s co-op mode.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently 60% in the current Steam sale making it a steal at £13.19! With the title currently sitting at a “very positive rating”, it is definitely an offer to take advantage of.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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