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'Horizon Forbidden West' Devs Looking Into Game's Visual Bugs

'Horizon Forbidden West' Devs Looking Into Game's Visual Bugs

Guerrilla Games is aware of visual issues on PS5 Performance mode and is doing its best to fix them.

People have been champing at the bit for the past few years, ready to sink their teeth into Aloy's next adventure. Now it's finally here. Despite being criticised for its confusing pricing causing most players to pay £10 more than they had to, Horizon Forbidden West has been reviewing really well. In our review we praised its "huge open-world, stunning new biomes, incredible story, and lots of content to keep you busy."

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows in the land of the prohibited. On PS5 in particular, players have been encountering visual issues. We also noted that graphical hiccups can break immersion on the latest generation of consoles, and it appears we're not alone. A number of these issues have been flagged to developer Guerrilla Games already.

If you haven't had the chance to dive into the Forbidden West you can check out our gameplay below.

Problems like this aren't particularly surprising given that the graphical fidelity on the console is so good you can see the peach fuzz on Aloy's face. The beauty of the graphics is actually what lead technical reports to recommend the Resolution mode which runs at 30fps, over the Performance mode which runs at 60. However, players who are used to the higher frame rate, have been complaining that the graphical issues in this mode make it difficult to play.

Many remarked that the PS5 Performance mode makes graphics "too sharp" making the image visually noisy. Others complained of objects visibly popping in and out, or weird shimmering effects caused by ineffective anti-aliasing. In a reddit post, one of the community managers for Guerrilla has thanked everyone for their support and feedback so far, and claims they are working to improve the issue as fast of possible.

"The team are working vigilantly to resolve these issues with high priority and are aiming to get an update out as soon as possible. - We are doing our best to quickly get you back out into the wilds so you can explore all the secrets of the Forbidden West."

So it appears the best thing that fans on PS5 can do is to play in Resolution mode or to hold tight until the Performance patch is in place. 

Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games

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