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Hogwarts Legacy meets Studio Ghibli in this upcoming cosy sim

Hogwarts Legacy meets Studio Ghibli in this upcoming cosy sim

Critter lovers need to check out this upcoming title

Fans of Hogwarts Legacy and the style of Studio Ghibli should keep an eye on this upcoming release which combines the best of both worlds.

Featuring fantastical creatures like those found in Hogwarts Legacy but animated in the style of Studio Ghibli, Among the Wild is an upcoming first-person farming game “where you wrangle fantastical creatures and manage your own idyllic farm”.

Check out the recent Hogwarts Legacy summer update below!

Developed by Nuggets Entertainment, Among the Wild features three key incentives: creatures, farming and adventure to create one unmissable farming simulator which should be heading to early access very soon.

Players will not only get the chance to wrangle these fantastical creatures but also care for them, befriend them and get to grips with their every need. Whether you trade them for profit and use their abilities to improve your farm, these creatures are the lifeblood of Among the Wild.

When you are not looking after your animals, you will have to get your hands dirty on the farm. Build your own farm, plant crops, make bee-hives, smokers and fermenting barrels and construct your own croplands, pens, gardens and houses.

Last but not least, you will be able to explore the lush world in order to find and gather resources, catch creatures and fend off any danger that may come your way. Doing this will reward you with unique rewards and yes, there will be fishing and mining to do.

This farming, creature collecting, adventuring title filled with weird and wonderful critters is perfect for fans of Stardew Valley and those who want to kick back and relax with a cosy game.

However, with Among the Wild not having a set release date yet, it may be a while until we get our hands on it.

Featured Image Credit: Nuggets Entertainment

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