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Hogwarts Legacy streamer accidentally deletes her character mid-broadcast

Hogwarts Legacy streamer accidentally deletes her character mid-broadcast

One Hogwarts Legacy streamer accidentally deleted their save file, losing hours of progress.

To say that Hogwarts Legacy is a sizable game is an understatement. If you’ve reached the point in the game where you can freely roam around Hogwarts, which admittedly doesn’t take long to get to, you’ll know what I’m talking about. There are staircases, doors, and rooms a plenty.

In fact, one developer teased that it could take up to 120 hours to see all that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. I’d imagine that’s completing every side quest, plus filling out the entirety of your field guide and such like. You can complete the main story in around 25 hours though, although I wouldn’t recommend skipping on side quests. With a game of this scale, you really don’t want to think about the possibility of having to start from scratch, but that’s a problem one streamer is now faced with.

Tour the enchanting Hosgmeade below.

Twitch streamer DivineCarly accidentally deleted her character mid-broadcast, which is actually very easy to accidentally do. When you load up the game, you’re given the option to continue, load or delete a particular save file. While playing on Xbox, DivineCarly accidently hit Y instead of A which promptly deleted her seven-hour save.

You don’t need to hold down the button - just a quick press will do - although a second screen will then prompt you (on Xbox) to press A to confirm and accept. The thing is, if you thought you’d clicked A to load your save the first time round, you may click it again without really reading the screen. How many times have you button mashed thinking it’ll speed things up?

After realising what she’d done, DivineCarly buried her head in her hands before walking away from the console for a few seconds. As many have pointed out, plenty of decisions in the game do actually require you to hold down a specific button so perhaps that could be patched in here to prevent this from happening again. As Reddit user helpusobi_1 said, this is a case of “Filus deletus.”

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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