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Hogwarts Legacy fans are seriously hyped for new wizarding world sim

Hogwarts Legacy fans are seriously hyped for new wizarding world sim

Now is your chance to manage your own Hogwarts!

The Wizarding World is most certainly a magical place that fans of Harry Potter cannot get enough of and will always look for new ways to explore their inner wizard and witch.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG from Avalanche Software set in the 1890s, years prior to the events of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. In Hogwarts Legacy, you play as a student that mysteriously begins their life at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the fifth academic year, to the surprise of students and tutors.

Check out the Spellcaster University trailer below.

There’s certainly plenty of fun to be had in Hogwarts Legacy, whether it is being immersed in the main story, partaking in its many side activities or simply seeing the sights of Hogwarts as well as its surrounding areas. However, if that's simply not enough, this Potter inspired indie game may be just the thing for you. Spellcaster University is available now on PC and is arriving on consoles next year, and fans are seriously hyped for this management sim.

“In Spellcaster University, you take on the role of the director of a magic university in a colourful world of heroic fantasy. Build your school, manage your budget, recruit teachers,” reads the description on the Steam store.

“Will you turn it into a black magic academy, with the best professors of necromancy and demonology? Or a place in harmony with nature to train druids and shamans? Or why not train adventurous mages, offering them options to learn how to fight and be stealthy? But this will require surviving the ruthless attacks of the orc tribes and the controls of the education authorities.”

On its Steam user review page, Spellcaster University currently scores ‘Mostly Positive’ with comments such as, “I do love this game, I think the only thing that could make it better is if we could have a sandbox mode or one that lets us play without the time limit,” expressed Helen-Marie.

“I just love this. It's cute, it's funny... I would just love a bit more variety, after almost 200 hours of playing, it slowly gets a bit repetitive,” exclaimed MearaRevenge. “I CAN FINALLY PUT STUDENTS IN PRISON,” said an oddly enthusiastic OddSock2000. That being said, with the legit criticism related to the longevity and replay value of the game, hopefully, it's something that can be fixed by developers Sneaky Yak Studio by the time it arrives on consoles.

Spellcaster University is out now on PC and will be released in 2024 for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: WB Interactive Entertainment

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