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Hogwarts Legacy 2 could feature Sebastian Sallow as the main villain, fans agree

Hogwarts Legacy 2 could feature Sebastian Sallow as the main villain, fans agree

Fans are in agreement that a potential Hogwarts Legacy 2 should feature Sebastian Sallow as the main villain.

Hogwarts Legacy fans are keen to see a sequel released for two reasons. The first is the simple fact that many players enjoyed the game. The second reason is that Hogwarts Legacy had heaps of untapped potential and players are convinced that a sequel could be truly spectacular.

Many Hogwarts Legacy fans deemed Hogwarts to be one of their favourite video game locations of all-time. That being said, much of Hogwarts Legacy’s open-world feels a tad underdeveloped. There’s plenty packed in, but it’s quite repetitive - and the game is far too obsessed with caves and ruins. Players want to see a companion system introduced, plus a morality system akin to that seen in Bully. Quidditch would also be a great addition. Now though, some have also suggested that Sebastian Sallow should be the main villain of a potential sequel.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

Warning: I’ll be addressing minor Sebastian spoilers ahead. Without further ado, many players are in agreement that Sebastian’s storyline is the strongest in Hogwarts Legacy. I won’t completely delve into how events transpire, but I will tease that Sebastian has a penchant for the Dark Arts. It’s via Sebastian’s storyline that you’ll have the option to learn and use the three Unforgivable Curses. They’re clearly something that Sebastian has no issues in using.

With this in mind, we have a young Tom Riddle-esque character on our hands. What makes Sebastian interesting is that I think unlike Tom Riddle, Sebastian has good intentions which could make for a thrilling villainous downturn. Reddit user Environmental_Poem68 wants a continuation of the story, playing through the main character’s sixth year, writing, “I wanna play Sebastian’s story. There’s a lot of fan fic already about it, good ones too.”

SomeCherryBlossomTea suggested, “As much as I love Sebastian (he’s kind of an idiot but he taught me Unforgivables so he’s my favourite) it would be kind of cool if he was a villain,” adding maybe “you find out he joined up with a wizard extremist group that believes in wizard supremacy or something.” I suppose that’s the storyline the Fantastic Beasts franchise was attempting to pull off before it drifted into oblivion. Regardless of where the story is heading, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Sebastian.

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