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Harry Potter fans suggest Hermione should be played by Black actor in reboot

Harry Potter fans suggest Hermione should be played by Black actor in reboot

Some Harry Potter fans have suggested that a Black actress should portray Hermione in the reboot, but others aren't so sure.

‘You know which franchise is really in need of a reboot? Harry Potter,’ said no one ever. Oh, wait? Someone did say that? A HBO executive? Sigh. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

Yes, the world’s most popular film franchise is getting a reboot because, well, money? Just last week, HBO revealed that a new Harry Potter TV series is in the works. The “decade-long” project will faithfully adapt JK Rowling’s novels with roughly one season per book. The series will feature an all-new cast, and casting rumours are already rife. One member of the original cast isn’t thrilled at the thought of a reboot though. In fact, that seems to be the sentiment of most people. One suggestion that’s popped up though is that Hermione should be portrayed by a Black actress in the upcoming reboot.

Take a look at the reveal trailer for the rebooted series below.

In the film series, Hermione Granger was, of course, played by Emma Watson. Then, in the original London cast of the stage show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the character was played by Noma Dumezweni. Several other Black actresses subsequently took over the role including Paula Arundell and Yanna McIntosh. Now, some people are saying that they’d like to see a Black Hermione in the reboot.

Back when Cursed Child was cast, racist remarks were made over Hermione’s casting. At the time, Rowling said “Hermione can be a Black woman with my absolute blessing and enthusiasm,” adding that actress Noma Dumezweni was “the best actress for the job”. Some people are hoping that this sentiment will apply to the reboot. Twitter user AvatarObi wrote, “I really hope JK Rowling sticks to her guns and makes Hermione black in the HBO Harry Potter reboot like she previously said.”

Others are concerned about the backlash the young actress may face though, and the implications surrounding aspects of her storyline. Mouseabolition wrote, “I’m so sorry but Black Hermione is not the casting flex anyone wants it to be. Half of her story is getting hate crimed with magic. The other half is doing homework for two white boys who low key hate her,” posing several important considerations. For now, the casting search continues.

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