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Halo TV series was 'the biggest wasted opportunity', fans agree

Halo TV series was 'the biggest wasted opportunity', fans agree

Halo fans are in agreement that the Paramount TV adaptation is 'the biggest wasted opportunity'.

Video game adaptations are all the rage right now. Season one of HBO’s The Last of Us recently drew to a close and set the bar extremely high in the process.

In fact, critics deemed The Last of Us the greatest video game adaptation of all-time in a series of rave reviews. The director of Amazon’s upcoming God of War series has already said that the success of The Last of Us has certainly upped the pressure. We’ve also got a Horizon Zero Dawn TV show on the way from Netflix, a Fallout series from Amazon, and the Gran Turismo and Ghost of Tsushima films - and that’s only naming a few examples. One series that underperformed though is Paramount’s Halo with many fans declaring it to be ‘the biggest wasted opportunity’.

The release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is right around the corner. Take a look at the trailer below.

Halo may have provided us with some, let’s say, memorable moments - I’m looking at you Master Cheeks - but it didn’t go down well with fans on the whole. Reddit user Isunova declared, “Probably the biggest wasted opportunity of a gaming franchise. Oh what could have been,” garnering a whopping 28,000 upvotes. Plenty of fellow users agreed.

Sirseatbelt wrote, “A Halo fan should watch the opening fight scene and then turn it off. That’s the best part,” while mistercloob added, “Had precisely like three minutes of good s**t.” User takotiger22 said, “Few things have been a bigger disappointment when it comes to film/TV for me. Writers wanted to create their own show instead of using source material. What a wasted opportunity to finally get a live action Halo show [that] so many people wanted.”

Despite the negative fan reception, Halo is returning for a second season - but the writers have confirmed that they’re listening to feedback going forwards.

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