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'Halo: Infinite' Player Figures Out How To Access Campaign Co-Op Early

'Halo: Infinite' Player Figures Out How To Access Campaign Co-Op Early

Fans have discovered how to glitch into campaign co-op months before the feature's intended release

Halo wouldn’t really be Halo without co-op play, would it? Even though the series’ most recent release has generally been very well received by fans (check out our review here), it hit the shelves missing one very important feature - campaign co-op. It is set to be added to the game, eventually that is - it might not be until May 2022. But, that’s not stopped the community from forcibly accessing it themselves.

Over the last day, fans have accidentally discovered a glitch that allows you to play actual, (mostly) working co-op in the campaign, and have since worked out how to replicate it, too. On the r/halo subreddit, u/ElPinoles2922 first shared a video clip of the glitch, which quickly blew up: “Someone in a Facebook group managed to glitch campaign co-op,” they wrote. 

It didn’t take long for other users to figure out a method to perform the glitch on purpose: “I got it to enable splitscreen! Sort of…” wrote u/noble_actual_yt. “Infinite must be offline. […] Sign into a second Xbox live account with your second controller. Load Halo Infinite campaign. Press start on main controller. Hit back button. Press start or back on second controller to join fireteam. Co-op enabled!”. They also shared a clip on Twitter to prove it.

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As you’d expect, given that the feature isn’t meant to actually exist for at least another five months, not everything is working perfectly. So far, the issues that have been noted include: the second player has no heads-up display, TACMAP or upgrade tree, FOBs are broken, players will fast travel together, and the game will softlock if either player dies. So, not exactly ideal.

So, if you want to try co-op out yourself, the instructions seem to be working fairly consistently for Xbox users. Just be aware that as with any glitches, things can go wrong: “Just as a heads up in case anyone tries this: I tried using these steps to see if I could get the glitch to work and it essentially bricked a save file,” wrote u/Rufiocity. “It reset my time played and completion to zero, kept my location though, and wouldn’t allow me to load that file.” So, glitch with caution, friends.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios, @nobleactual4 via Twitter

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