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GTA 6 Online will be a completely 'fresh start' for all players, apparently

GTA 6 Online will be a completely 'fresh start' for all players, apparently

Grand Theft Auto 6's GTA Online will be a completely 'fresh start' for all players, according to one source.

According to one source, GTA VI’s online component will be a fresh start and will not carry over save data from the current GTA Online.

What a week it has been. When October drew to a close, many Grand Theft Auto fans locked away their hopes of receiving a GTA VI announcement anytime soon. Rockstar Games finally put us out of our misery though. The studio took to social media this week to announce that the game’s first trailer will land in early December. They referred to GTA VI as “the next Grand Theft Auto” prompting fans to wonder if it’ll go by another name like Vice City or San Andreas. It would certainly make sense to debut the trailer at The Game Awards, broadcasting on 7 December. Rockstar do tend to do things on their own terms though. In the meantime, so-called insiders are still beavering away, with one report touching on the new iteration of GTA Online.

One creator has made an incredible Vice City remaster mod, the rumoured setting of GTA VI.

Rockstar Universe took to Twitter to say that they’re under the impression that the new version of GTA Online will “be a fresh start for everyone”, adding that “your rank won’t carry over”. They explained, “I’ve heard through the grapevine that next year, Rockstar will be utilising their FiveM acquisition so that may have a part in the next GTA Online. That’s as much as I can say.” As always, do take this with a pinch of salt.

Over on Reddit, fans were up in arms over whether this is a good or a bad thing. “Everyone starting over in the GTA Online universe from absolutely nothing is gonna be so nostalgic,” said AeroAviation, while Mattombstone added, “As someone who has sunk so much hours and work into grinding to perfect it in the past (and pretty much retired other than for career progress), I'm looking forward to a new start. Everyone wants to be a billionaire, but trust me, the game’s boring when you are.”

User jdjfc was a tad more trepidatious, saying, “Im divided. I’m an OG Online player since 2013. I have mostly everything but I'd love a fresh start but I'm attached to my car collection. It'd be cool if they let us keep the collection except the weaponised and special vehicles.” It awaits to be seen what Rockstar has in store.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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