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GTA 6 footage shows multiple IRL locations

GTA 6 footage shows multiple IRL locations

New GTA 6 leaks reveal real-life Miami locations, seemingly confirming Vice City's return to the series.

Recently leaked Grand Theft Auto VI footage has been cross-examined and analysed extensively by Grand Theft Auto fans desperate to learn anything about the upcoming Rockstar game, and have now revealed that locations in the footage are similar to real-life Miami locations, seemingly confirming Vice City will be in the game.

A fan-made Twitter account called @GTA6VIDEOS took the leaked gameplay footage and scoured Miami (through Google Maps) for similar-looking locations, hoping to pinpoint some of the real-life places that might have been used as a reference when creating GTA VI's open-world.

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Sure enough, there are some similarities between the real and game locations, which backs up previous rumours that GTA VI will take place in Vice City, which was based on real-life Miami.

Rockstar is known for taking real-world locations and using them in their Grand Theft Auto games, often being tweaked or exacerbated to fit the restraints and tone of a video game. GTA III and GTA IV were both set in Liberty City, modelled after New York City, and GTA V was set in Los Santos, modelled after Los Angeles. The games also featured a vast amount of famous landmarks and buildings, such as the Empire State Building, the Hollywood Hills, and many more.

This definitely adds credibility to the rumour of Vice City making a comeback for GTA VI, which still hasn’t been officially confirmed by Rockstar despite the multiple leaks seemingly confirming that it’s in the game. While official details are still few and far between, GTA VI is shaping up to be a true successor to the critically-acclaimed GTA V, and arguably much bigger in scope compared to its predecessor, as many leaks suggest that while Vice City will be in the game, the full map size will include additional locations as well.

Hopefully, Rockstar will share some news, or possibly a trailer, very very soon.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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