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The GPU Shortage Is Officially Over, No More Inflated Prices

The GPU Shortage Is Officially Over, No More Inflated Prices

Reportedly, there's now surplus stock of Nvidia's RTX 3000-series GPUs, which may lead to price decreases.

In the gaming community, we’re constantly hearing about the shortages of PS5s - thanks to the current lack of semiconductors floating about in the world, Sony’s new-gen console has been a pain to get hold of ever since it released in 2020. What’s more, the situation isn’t currently set to ease while about 2024, so while there is an end in sight, it’s still quite a wait away.

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Meanwhile though, the world of PC gaming has also been affected. As Ars Technica reports, it was recently incredibly difficult to find a GeForce GPU being sold for its actual RRP due to high demand and low stock, but the tables have now turned. During the company’s Q2 2023 earnings call, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed that Nvidia now have "excess inventory" of RTX 3000-series GPUs. 

Reportedly Nvidia has “instituted programs to price position our current products to prepare for next-generation products”, which basically means that they’ll be cutting prices to sell more and make way for their next generation of GPUs. Whether this actually reflects on in-store pricing remains to be seen, though - it may just be that retailers get them cheaper.

It makes quite the change from the PS5 situation, not only because there’s now surplus stock of GPUs, but also because of the potential price decrease. Just yesterday, it was announced that Sony’s console has been hit with a significant price-hike in multiple major regions, including the UK, Europe and Australia. 

Featured Image Credit: Casper Camille Rubin via Unspash, NVIDIA

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