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'God Of War Ragnar​​ök' PS4 To PS5 Upgrade Price Confirmed By Sony

'God Of War Ragnar​​ök' PS4 To PS5 Upgrade Price Confirmed By Sony

God Of War Ragnar​​ök upgrade price confirmed, as Sony shifts away from cross-gen releases.

God Of War Ragnar​​ök certainly had us all in a frenzied panic for a while, right? Gameplay for Santa Monica Studios’ upcoming title was showcased back in September 2021. Understandably then, fans began to worry when we hit the midpoint of 2022 and the game still didn’t have a release date.

Thankfully, we can put those worries to bed as God Of War Ragnar​​ök is officially scheduled to release on 9 November 2022. Given that the PlayStation 5 has been out for almost two years, we’d expect to see Sony releasing more PlayStation 5 exclusives by now but God Of War Ragnar​​ök is indeed releasing to both the PS4 and PS5 - and Sony have confirmed the upgrade price.

In case you missed it, check out God Of War Ragnar​​ök’s latest cinematic trailer which appears to tease the arrival of Fenrir. Take a look below.

There will indeed be an upgrade path for PlayStation 4 users but it won’t be free as we’ve seen in the past. As announced on the PlayStation Blog, users hoping to upgrade their PS4 copy to a PS5 version will have to pay $10. Exact prices in other territories are yet to be confirmed with Sony simply stating it’ll cost the “currency equivalent”.

Due to the ongoing shortage of PS5s, Sony really has no option other than to continue supporting the PS4. That being said, Sony did previously announce that PS4 games will be fully phased out by 2025 so naturally, we’re going to see a shift away from cross-gen releases.

Typically, PS5 games do tend to cost $10 more than their PS4 counterparts, so those who do wish to upgrade will simply be spending the same as PS5 owners. You may recall, Horizon Forbidden West was also due to have a charged upgrade path but after an outcry from fans, the upgrade became free.

That’s unlikely to happen again as Horizon Forbidden West was teased as the last free upgrade opportunity. Sony’s commitment to the PS5 grows ever stronger.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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