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God Of War Ragnarök absolutely dominated The Game Awards

God Of War Ragnarök absolutely dominated The Game Awards

God Of War Ragnarök didn't win Game of the Year, but it did take home the most awards with six wins.

Who managed to stop up and watch the entirety of The Game Awards? I did and oh boy, it’s a sleepy Friday. The show was jam-packed with exciting reveals though. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor blew everyone away with an incredible gameplay trailer, and Death Stranding 2 was finally confirmed by Hideo Kojima which also had a trailer. Don’t ask me to explain what happens in it. I did not understand a single second.

The Game Awards was also full of awards too (shocking), and there was one name we heard read out more than most, God Of War Ragnarök. Santa Monica Studios’ latest title didn’t end up winning the coveted GOTY trophy - that accolade went to Elden Ring. I dread to think of the uproar if it hadn’t, but God Of War Ragnarök’s developers will be pleased with the six accolades they did take home.

Speaking of that incredible Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gameplay, why don’t you take a look below?

God Of War Ragnarök was nominated for 10 awards in total, so six wins is pretty impressive. The title won best action/adventure game, innovation in accessibility, best audio design, best score/music, best narrative, and best performance for Christopher Judge as ‘Kratos.’ Judge also unofficially wins the award for ‘longest speech.’ I made that up, it’s not real.

Elden Ring had a slow start to the evening. For a while, I was convinced that God Of War Ragnarök was going to snap up GOTY. It just seemed to secure win after win, but things improved for Elden Ring in the latter part of the show. FromSoftware’s wildly successful title ended up taking home GOTY, best game direction, best art direction, and best role-playing game.

My colleagues may disagree with me, but I was surprised to see Horizon Forbidden West fly under the radar (It’s my GOTY. I had to say something). It was nice to see Stray pick up two wins though for best indie and best debut indie. Press O to meow is now forever an iconic moment of gaming history.

Featured Image Credit: The Game Awards, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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