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Geralt of Rivia Will Be Judging Your Video Game Impressions on Twitter

Geralt of Rivia Will Be Judging Your Video Game Impressions on Twitter

Doug Cockle, the voice of the Witcher himself, will be judging your best impressions on Twitter.

On Thursday February 10, GAMINGbible will be hosting a very special Twitter Space with Geralt of Rivia himself - voice actor extraordinaire Doug Cockle. This special Space will give fans a chance to impress the star of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by showing off their very best video game impressions. Got a great Nate or masterful Chief in your locker? We wanna hear it.

In order to join this Space you’ll need to have a Twitter account, of course, and then you can just click on this link right here. If you’re only joining us as a listener then you can do that from either your PC or your phone. But if you want to impress Ger... sorry, Doug, then you’ll need to join the Twitter Space from your phone in order to be given permission to speak. And we really do want to hear you!

We’ll be live from 4:30PM GMT on February 10. If you have an absolutely banging impression that you want to show off, then let us know in a tweet what impression you want to do and be sure to use the hashtag #GameImpressions so we can spot you. You can also @ us in advance, on @gamingbible, so we know to look for your name when we're live. Hope to hear you then!

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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