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xQc Claims Fellow Twitch Stars Are "Ganging Up" On Him Over Latest Drama

xQc Claims Fellow Twitch Stars Are "Ganging Up" On Him Over Latest Drama

The former Overwatch pro is fighting for "fair use"

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

In case you missed it, Felix 'xQc' Lengyel is going up against the International Olympics Committee after receiving a temporary ban on Twitch for showing some of the Tokyo games live on stream. The Olympic Committee claimed this was against DMCA guidelines which means they claimed it was a violation of their copyright rights. However, xQc has now filed a counterclaim, pushing to prove that reacting to the content was 'transformative' making the copyright claim null and void.

Since this entire situation started, there has been a conversation that has rippled out among streamers about whether xQc is right with his claim or even if other streamers would pursue the same counterclaim if they were in that position. As some streamers have talked about this latest drama, the ex-Overwatch player was spotted by Dexerto saying that streamers have been ganging up on him.

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xQc spoke on stream about how he's had a lack of support from other people on the Twitch platform. His point, which you can see in the clip below, is that he's doing something that could help and change the fate of streamers in the future. He says he's had zero messages from other content creators on the matter. Though this case could change the way DMCAs are dealt with on the site, no one has rallied with him nor given him advice nor expressed their concern privately.

He watched other streamers talk about the case in other clips, including one of Imane 'Pokimane' Anys saying that a lawyer and an agent shouldn't be rolled into one job and xQc should have two different people performing those tasks. xQc mocks this comment by saying he'll hire Pokimane instead.

Since xQc's counter-claim has been underway there hasn't been a decision from the International Olympic Committee on how to proceed - this could all end up in court but xQc seems to think that he and his team are ready for that eventuality.

Featured Image Credit: Imane Anys / Felix Lengyel

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