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'Fable' Reboot Features Online Co-Op, But Single-Player Is The Focus, Says Xbox Insider

'Fable' Reboot Features Online Co-Op, But Single-Player Is The Focus, Says Xbox Insider

Chase chickens alone or with friends.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Ever since Microsoft announced Fable last year, there's been some confusion as to what kind of game it will actually be. The brief teaser that made its debut at the Xbox Series X game event - which you can refresh your memory with below - didn't give much at all away.

Here's what we know for sure so far: The game is called Fable - not Fable 4 - and that it's being developed by UK-based Forza studio Playground Games. That's... not a whole lot to go on.

This lack of information predictably gave away to wild speculation, with some reports even surfacing that suggested Fable would be an MMO, and completely ditch its single-player RPG roots. This was swiftly debunked, although it's now being claimed that Fable will feature some form of online co-op after all.

Speaking over on the XboxEra forums, Xbox insider Nick 'Shpeshal Ed' Baker assured fans that he doesn't believe the MMO rumours were true, but added that the game will have "some kind of online aspect", like "co-op or something". It's clear Baker doesn't know much more than us when it comes to Fable, but he's in the loop enough to have some idea of how development is shaping up.

This echoes reports from last year from Windows Central that took aim at the MMO claims. "There may be online elements like co-op functionality or limited, optional shared spaces," the publication notes. "But nothing to the extent that would justify classifying the game as an MMO."

Fable /

Playground Games did something pretty interesting things with a shared open world in Forza Horizon 4. Players could meet up for races and other such antics seamlessly, although it was still entirely possible to enjoy the game offline and alone. I wouldn't be surprised if the studio implemented a similar practice for Fable, giving players the option to hook up for certain quests or just explore the world together.

Unfortunately Fable is still a way off at this point, so we'll just have to sit tight and hope Microsoft has more to share at E3 2021.

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