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‘Warzone’ Hacker Accidentally Exposes Himself After Denying Cheating

‘Warzone’ Hacker Accidentally Exposes Himself After Denying Cheating

Trust nobody, not even yourself.



Words by: Catherine Lewis

It's no secret that Call of Duty: Warzone has been riddled with hackers for some time now. Not only has this been driving a number of players to quit, but sneaky cheaters have also been creeping their way onto streaming platforms like Twitch, and this week, one streamer got exposed for hacking by none other than himself.

The streamer in question goes by CPTBALDY on Twitch, but is known as jarred_alta98 on Twitter. A prominent COD content creator, JGOD, first called out CPTBALDY's suspicious in-game behaviour by sharing a video clip on Twitter: "Not saying you are, but how do you get player hitmarkers from Shooting Walls?" he wrote.

Speaking of hackers, here's another who got their just desserts live on stream:

In the video, we see CPTBALDY using a new Combat Scout perk, which highlights foes in bright orange when they're hit. However, the player he fights in the clip clearly lights up orange before they're actually hit - more specifically, when CPTBALDY is aiming at a wall. So, unless you want to blame lag, there was clearly some dubious activity afoot.

Well, not long after JGOD's Twitter post, a number of viewers in the chat were asking CPTBALDY to open Task Manager to prove whether or not he had any cheats running. After being told to press Control+Alt+Delete, he complies, and boom - straight in the middle of the screen, his aimbot window is there for all to see. He quickly closes the window and carries on playing, but his teammates can't contain their laughter. The streamer is now banned from banned from Warzone, and is temporarily suspended from Twitch.

Back over on Twitter though, the streamer went on to claim he was actually trying to bring attention to the game's cheating problem: "Can't beat them...join them. WZ has had a hacking issue since the day it came out. Mainstream WZ streamers are leaving because of it," he wrote. "I proved that the only way to get a ban, is when one of them exposes a hacker... no other way. Fix your game, [it] shouldn't be this easy to cheat."

He then revealed he'd been using cheats for three days, and getting over 30 kills per game in that time. His final sentiment? "Be mad at the developers for making the game fun if you get hacks..." Not sure if that's really the best attitude to have, but regardless, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing the streamer in Warzone for some time.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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