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'Warzone' Audio Files Confirm Verdansk-Ending War Between Players And Zombies

'Warzone' Audio Files Confirm Verdansk-Ending War Between Players And Zombies

Verdansk for the memories.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Reports that Call Of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk is one day going to be engulfed in a big ball of nuclear fire have circulated for almost as long as the battle royale itself has been around - nearly one year. While the battle royale map has certainly undergone numerous changes over the past several months, we haven't seen anything quite as drastic as a nuclear warhead wiping Verdansk from existence. At least, not yet.

With the one-year anniversary of Warzone fast approaching, it's looking increasingly likely that Activision plans to mark the occasion by blowing Verdansk to high hell. Multiple leakers and industry insiders have claimed that the map will soon be completely overrun by zombies, leaving the top brass with no choice other than to obliterate Verdansk entirely. Anyone else remember when Warzone was aiming for gritty authenticity? I don't mind, I love a good zombie apocalypse.

Sure enough, the zombies are already here. The undead monsters first came to shore via a cargo tanker that crashed just off the coast near the prison, creating a new location referred to as "Shipwreck". At the moment, having a small number of zombies in one location that 100+ players who are all trying to kill each other want to get to is proving to... not be the best idea. The good news is that it sounds like the zombies will slowly start to spill out to new locations and take over Verdansk entirely. Wait, is that good news?

Audio files recently leaked by 'ZestyCODLeaks' (thanks, Charlie Intel) seemingly confirm the zombie/nuke theory. It sounds like players can expect an upcoming mode called 'Plague', in which you need to work together with other players to take the map back from the undead that have ravaged it. One line from announcers even encourages players by saying "this is our last chance to save Verdansk".

Other voice lines include "don't turn into a zombie! For Verdansk!", and "we can't lose Verdansk, fight those damn zombies!" Basically, it looks like Warzone is headed to an all-out war between zombies and players.

Given all the previous rumours that point to the total destruction of Verdansk, it does sound as if these efforts will be in vein. Sure enough, one line from the announcer states: "extraction canceled, nuke inbound for Verdansk." It's believed that the Call Of Duty: Warzone zombie shenagins will come to a close on March 10, exactly one year on from the game's launch. March 11 will usher in the map-changing nuke, making way for a new map that's closer to Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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