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'Jurassic Snap' Is 'Pokémon Snap' In VR, And That's Pretty Sick

'Jurassic Snap' Is 'Pokémon Snap' In VR, And That's Pretty Sick

God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates Man, Man kills God, Man brings back dinosaurs in an adorable theme park.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

From developer Dreamirl, Jurassic Snap is an adorable adventure into a world where dinosaurs still walk the earth and your task is to snap photos and catalogue these immense beasts for a research expedition.

Yeah, that's pretty much the pitch for Pokémon Snap with a handful of the words swapped out. And that's hardly a terrible thing especially when you see how sweet these ancient reptiles are in this game. Wielding your camera, you're working alongside Professor Edmee to fill out the Dinopedia and earn your stripes as an intrepid explorer. Each excursion will allow you to learn more about the creatures like their name, size, diet, habitat and individual behaviours. And, they'll also offer quests to deepen your knowledge and allow you to achieve a higher score on your next run.

As an on rails game, the player also has different items that will affect the behaviour of a dinosaur depending on their type and dispositions. Bait, for example, will distract a carnivore from their original quarry and encourage others to emerge from the grass that obscures them. Conversely, repellents will protect the player from being bashed by an ornery dinosaur, push shy creatures out of their lair, or awaken a sleeping dinosaur. However, they won't be thrilled to be interrupted from their nap and, on the game's Kickstarter page, it shows a triceratops charging towards a rock to break it and create a new path.

Get a glimpse of Jurassic Snap in development below!

There's a day and night cycle, just like Pokémon Snap, and weather will affect which animals will appear on a given run. Moreover, the anti-gravity vehicle that the player is travelling on is on a predetermined path but the actions of dinosaurs will ensure that there's excitement every time you're out. Slightly concerningly, the vehicle has a colour-coded forcefield - blue is fully functional, orange means that the vehicle could be under threat, and red means that there's a critical situation.

Whether or not you can actually be eaten in Jurassic Snap remains to be seen. It's currently in development for virtual reality platforms for PC, Oculus Quest and PSVR - which means it could come to PS5 too. This is conditional on it fulfilling its goal before the end of September, so hop to it if you like the sound of the game.

Featured Image Credit: Dreamirl

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