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US Postal Worker Caught Stealing PlayStation And Nintendo Packages

US Postal Worker Caught Stealing PlayStation And Nintendo Packages

The offence led to a $20k fine and home confinement.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

A U.S Postal Service supervisor has been prosecuted after it was discovered that they had been stealing items that were being sent through the USPS system. Zoheb A. Deura, 34, from Connecticut, has been fined $20,000 and sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to embezzlement.

Reported by Polygon, Deura pleaded guilty to stealing "numerous packages, including packages containing an Apple computer, PlayStation and Nintendo gaming devices, and iPhone, footwear, and clothing items." That's a long list of items that have gone missing and even without knowing the exact editions of the items stolen in terms of Apple, PlayStation, and Nintendo products, it sounds like several thousands worth of dollars of merchandise going missing.

After an investigation carried out by the Postal Service's Inspector General, it was discovered that Deura was the cause of missing packages between February and April 2020, and pleaded guilty in October of the same year; with $20k as a fine and the first nine months of probation that must be spent in home confinement. Deura has also resigned from the United States Postal Service, as you might expect after this whole mess.

This news might not be come as a huge surprise to some. During the release of next-gen consoles, a bunch of PlayStation 5s were stolen or went missing. There were reports of customers receiving the wrong items in Amazon packages, like cat food, while one parent had to chase down a console after the delivery driver seemed to spot that he was due to deliver a PlayStation 5 and wanted it for himself. Consoles have gone missing in transit before, and unfortunately, it will eventually happen again in the future.

As 2021 continues, next-gen will come back in stock - we're already seeing Xbox Series Ss pop up online in the UK here and there, so remember, good things (like PS5s) come to those who wait so don't steal, kids.

Featured Image Credit: USPS

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