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Ubisoft Tops List Of Most-Hated Gaming Companies In New Study

Ubisoft Tops List Of Most-Hated Gaming Companies In New Study

Oh, Ubisoft

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Ubisoft has just been awarded the bizarre distinction of being the most-hated video game company on Twitter, according to a new study. Given how vitriolic the social media platform is at the best of times, coming out on top as one of the more reviled brands on there feels pretty impressive.

RAVE Reviews (via The Gamer) recently decided to look into which brands are the most-hated in the world, because I suppose there just isn't enough hate out there at the moment. There's plenty to take away from this study, but as far as we're concerned in our capacity as a gaming page, the revelation that Ubisoft came last (or first depending on your outlook) on Twitter is the most notable conclusion.


I should stress, again, that RAVE Reviews' research was specific to Twitter. The group used SentiStrength, a research tool that was able to comb through over a million tweets from or related to various brands and work out the percentage of negative tweets. Brands were then ranked based on how many negative tweets were associated with them.

The results were then split into four major categories: overall brands, gaming, fast food, and big tech. Ubisoft ended up the most-hated gaming brand by some distance, followed by - surprisingly - Capcom, and Pokémon developer GameFreak. Konami and Activision rounded out the top five, although I think we all probably expected to see those over Capcom and GameFreak, right?

You can ready the results of the research in full here, but some other key takeaways include Microsoft being the most-hated big tech brand in the world, and Sony being the most hated global brand. I would certainly agree that none of these companies are perfect, but let's try to remember that Twitter is almost exclusively reserved for complaining. In other words, being the most-hated brand on Twitter really doesn't mean that much in the grand scheme of things.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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