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xQc Has Been Banned From Twitch For The Fifth Time

xQc Has Been Banned From Twitch For The Fifth Time

The reason behind the ban has been kept under wraps for the time being.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Félix "xQc" Lengyel, the controversial Twitch streamer who is now popular for his Grand Theft Auto Online content, has been banned by the service for the fifth time. And he's got something to say about it.

The 25-year-old streamer was a professional Overwatch player, however, his behaviour ultimately led to suspensions, fines and parting ways with the teams Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel. He has also been permanently banned from League of Legends for "extremely inflammatory and offensive" vocabulary in the in-game chat and has been banned by Twitch for streaming nudity and other explicit content. More recently, he was watching the 2020 Summer Olympics on his channel with his audience and was given a DMCA strike from the Olympic Committee itself.

Instead of accepting it, Lengyel issued a counter-claim even though it is a risky move and could cost him "millions" in legal expenses. "This is transformative content, this is fair use, and this is not what you guys claim it is," explained the streamer. "If this escalates, it'll get crazy, and when I say crazy, it'll get crazy, crazy."

Lengyel is almost always finding himself in hot water for one reason or another. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of Snoop Dogg's book and just... forget he was streaming at all. Check out the hilarious moment below.

His fifth ban occurred on August 14th and lasted for four hours before the streamer was able to return to Twitch. To his viewers, it didn't seem that there was a specific reason for the ban and Lengyel has now spoken out about his upset. "It wasn't really a ban, it was just kind of how it is," he told his fans cryptically. He then added that his image is the possible problem, as the way he is portrayed by the media is impacting other areas of his life.

"The f**king clickbait sh*t all the time is really bad, cause it causes irreparable damage," continued the streamer and criticised outlets for "misreporting" his original meaning when writing articles on his streams. "Outsiders don't know what they're reading... they take the words for what they are instead of getting informed and that's really, really bad." Maybe we will learn more on what is going on in Lengyel's professional life in some time.

Featured Image Credit: NBCUniversal Television Distribution, xqcOW via Twitch, xqcOW via Twitter

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