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Twitch Streamer "Kicked In The Nuts" During Public Broadcast Is Pressing Charges

Twitch Streamer "Kicked In The Nuts" During Public Broadcast Is Pressing Charges

"That guy kicked me in the nuts"

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A Twitch streamer is pressing charges after he was assaulted by a stranger in public in the middle of a live broadcast.

The streamer, who goes by Peeguu online, was doing an IRL stream live in Taipei when a man rode past on a bicycle and kicked him in the groin. Peeguu looks more surprised than anything else as he watches his attacker ride away, before telling viewers "that guy kicked me in the nuts", adding "I should have f***ed him up".

You can take a look at the moment in question below.

Not long after the clip started circulating online, Peengu confirmed that he will be pressing charges "to the maximum extent".

"No one has the right to assault anyone," the streamer wrote on Twitter. "I personally don't believe in the use of violence - unless absolutely necessary. He is some random stranger that I've never encountered."

Here's hoping Peengu's commitment to holding his attacker accountable for his actions will help to discourage people from attacking streamers. Attempting a live broadcast in public is no doubt tricky enough without having to worry about whether or not somebody is going to have a swing at you in an attempt to go viral, or for some other similarly dumb reason.

Featured Image Credit: Peeguu via Twitch

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