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Ludwig Shatters Ninja's Twitch Subscriber Record After Epic 31-Day Stream

Ludwig Shatters Ninja's Twitch Subscriber Record After Epic 31-Day Stream

“I would be lying if I said [I] wasn’t a little sad,” said Ninja.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Ludwig Ahgren's "subathon" stream on Twitch was running continuously for more than a month, as viewers tuned in to chat, enjoy his gameplay, watch movies, and raise money for charity. It has, at long last, ended - but not without utterly obliterating one of Ninja's records on Twitch.

A subathon is a stream where its duration is determined by subscriptions. With every subscription, the timer is extended by ten seconds, and so people were subscribing to Ludwig before the timer would end. The thing is, the incredible number of viewers who were subscribing to Ludwig stretched the clock out to literal weeks and weeks of non-stop streaming. At the start of his subathon, March 14th, he had about 1,730 subs according to Twitch Tracker. At the end, April 13th, this stat had soared to 282,000 subs.

Of course, the streamer has made a lot of money from this stunt. It's tough to pin the tail on a precise amount, but by the end of March, it was calculated to be approximately $470,000. He won't see all of that land in his bank account, and that's explained here, but he's also committed to donate $1 to charity of his choosing for every new subscriber gained through the subathon. Furthermore, there's the issue of fame (I'm gonna live for ever, I'm gonna learn how to fly). Ludwig himself has said that the attention he's gotten from the stream is "definitely worth" relinquishing control over his daily life for a month: "We got a New York Times article! That's insane."

And now, he's surpassed the record for the most subscriptions for a Twitch channel in history, which was previously the achievement of none other than Tyler "Ninja" Blevins with 269,154 subscriptions. "There it is! You were here," said Ludwig triumphantly as his on-stream counter showed that he'd smashed the record and then some. "This is the new record on Twitch for most subscribers all time. Holy sh*t, that was insane." Ludwig had stated that he would not stream any more than 31 days on the trot, and this final day was a charity subscription drive where he'd pledged to donate $5 to The Humane Society and St Jude's for every new subscription he'd gotten to beat Blevins' record.

On Twitter, the streamer congratulated Ludwig: "Records are meant to be broken, I would be lying if I said [I] wasn't a little sad, but congrats [Ludwig] on holding the new sub record on Twitch." What's next for Ludwig? Well, I assume it will be footing a hefty electricity bill for leaving that many devices switched on for that long.

Featured Image Credit: Ludwig via Twitch

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