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'The Simpsons: Hit & Run' Source Code Has Apparently Leaked Online

'The Simpsons: Hit & Run' Source Code Has Apparently Leaked Online

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Mark Foster

Mark Foster

The Simpsons: Hit & Run is by far and away one of the most requested games to get a remake. It has a huge mainstream following thanks to its incredible wit, charm and gameplay that aped that of Grand Theft Auto, earning it the unofficial moniker of GTA for kids.

For years, fans have been calling for a return to Springfield town, and it looks like the time might be nigh to make that happen - albeit through mods and likely not in any official capacity.

We reckon The Simpsons: Hit & Run ranks among the greatest Simpsons games ever made. Check out our definitive list below.

The source code for the game has apparently leaked online (via 4chan) meaning that those with the knowhow are able to download it and tweak the original files as they see fit. The dump also had marketing files for the game as well as documents pertaining to the game's development cycle. If indeed this is true, it could open up the doors to a world of possibilities including mods, and even fan-made remasters.

So, where did this leak come from? Well, according to reddit user u/phatweeb, somebody was talking about having the code not too many moons ago, and commented as such in a thread about porting the game to the PlayStation Vita. "Lmao there was a guy like yesterday in a Vita subreddit trying to hire someone to make a Vita port using the games source code someone apparently sent him. Guess he wasn't full of **** after all."

Sure enough, another user u/ChrisLikezGamez did make such a vague claim on a post in r/VitaPiracy some two weeks back, saying that "There will be [a port] just wait a little while." Coincidence? Maybe, but not beyond the realms of possibility that this person is the source of the leak.

Regardless, if the source code is genuine we can likely look forward to some accurate ports of the game with some incredible mod support if it gets distributed among that community. It was only seven days ago we had an awesome upscaled version of the game completed by a modder in just one week.

Featured Image Credit: Radical Entertainment

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