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Excellent Fan-Made Star Wars Game Has A Demo You Can Play Right Now

Excellent Fan-Made Star Wars Game Has A Demo You Can Play Right Now

The force is strong with this one



Words: Catherine Lewis

It really feels like no matter what, fan-made games have a habit of coming out so much better than official releases. I mean, it makes sense - there's no better way to have a game that's got everything the fans want than by having them deliver it. And this fan-made Star Wars game is shaping up to be no exception.

Star Wars Redemption is a gorgeous game set in the Clone Wars, and is being developed by a team of fans called Square Phoenix, using Unreal Engine 4. The latest trailer shows the Jedi in battle against the Droid army, and an awesome-looking protagonist (who's called Mevenn), who we can see slashing her way through her enemies while dual-wielding two lightsabers, which is undeniably cool.

Watch the trailer, below...

Not only is Mevenn herself delightfully expressive throughout the whole trailer, but it can't be overlooked how breathtaking the environments are - the opening shot, set in the depths of what appears to be a luminescent forest, looks absolutely magical.

And the best part? Star Wars Redemption has a demo that you can download for free on PC right now. Just keep in mind that the team advises having at least a 1070 GTX graphics card in your PC before loading up the demo, as it isn't intended to run on lower-end computers. If you're interested, you can also check out a whole host of concept art and other cool stuff made by game artist Etienne Beschet.

The game was first shown off in February last year, and just by looking at the trailers, you can see how far the project has come along in only 18 months, which really makes you wonder how it'll shape up in comparison to Ubisoft's upcoming open-world Star Wars game. There's no word currently on when we might expect to get a full release for Redemption, and being a fan-made game (and seemingly a very large project), it's likely going to be a while yet.

Featured Image Credit: Square Phoenix, Etienne Beschet

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