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'Squid Game' Accidentally Doxed A Guy, Now He's Getting 4,000 Calls A Day

'Squid Game' Accidentally Doxed A Guy, Now He's Getting 4,000 Calls A Day

What an unlucky coincidence

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Alright, those of you that watched Netflix's new hit series Squid Game have probably thought a lot about the series since its release. The Korean thriller has caught the attention of the internet as it asks you philosophical questions about how much your own life is worth, the "torture" of debt, and how well you could still remember and perform in the playground games you participated in as a child. However though there are the bigger questions at play with Squid Game's premise, there is also one other question that hangs in the air - what happens when you call the number?

If you're unfamiliar with the series then you may not know that there is an important number to call. People selected to take part in the deadly games in Squid Game aren't just randomly kidnapped but have to call a number after being promised money in return. You see the business card with the number several times during the show and as it turns out it is a real number... of a random man who keeps getting fan calls.

Squid Game has been appearing in Roblox in fan-made maps...

According to IGN and The South China Morning Post, it seems that there is a man who is having to deal with the fallout of his number being featured on the show. According to the report, the man who lives in the Gyeonggi Province and is around 40 years old has been receiving about 4000 calls a day. How very inconvenient.

A local newspaper Hankook Ilbo has reported that thankfully Netflix is in talks to try and negotiate with the phone owner - perhaps doing something to help him deal with this influx or maybe even offering compensation.

I do think it's pretty amusing though that in the series, the first call to the line is to the company putting the game together, but the second is supposedly a normal person who's just having to deal with what they think is a spam call. It's just an unfortunate coincidence for the guy who's having to deal with the series' viral success.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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