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Soulja Boy Is Cranking Out Yet Another Video Game Console

Soulja Boy Is Cranking Out Yet Another Video Game Console

Kiss Me Thru The Game Boy

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

So I guess Soulja Boy is back with another attempt at a knockoff console almost exclusively designed to piss off the biggest names in the industry. The rapper first attempted to nudge his way into the lucrative console market in late 2018, and then again in 2019 with consoles that pretty much completely ripped off the designs of the Nintendo Game Boy and PlayStation Vita.

I never expected to be here writing about this crap again, but life comes at you fast. While the rapper's last two efforts have since vanished into the ether (presumably as a result of legal action from Sony and Nintendo), Soulja Boy is back to crank out another console.

The major difference this time? The Soulja Game Console Twitter account is promising an "all-new design" and "all-new games." You'd assume this would go without saying ahead of a new console reveal, but the last two Soulja handhelds were literally just stolen designs that came packed with a load of ROMs. In other words, they were super duper illegal.

Soulja Boy himself has yet to publicly comment on the console's existence, although he did retweet a story reporting the news. He also confirmed "new Soulja Boy NFT's [are] on the way" as he continues to work on SouljaCoin. I have no idea what SouljaCoin is, but I have a wild hope that it's the rapper's own version of Bitcoin.

While we wait for more news on the Soulja Game Console 2, allow me to take you through the dazzling specs of the original handheld device. With a dazzling screen that could support resolutions of 480×272, it promised a truly last, last-gen experience. It also boasted features like being to connect to a TV for films and video games, a built-in calculator, a camera, and "exquisite craftsmanship". I would assume that the console's successor will include most of these things. As long as it still has that exquisite craftsmanship and a built-in calculator, I'm on board.

I'll be sure to update you with more on the Soulja Game Console 2 as we get it. If only because I'm morbidly fascinated by the whole thing.

Featured Image Credit: Souljawatch/Spawn Wave/YouTube

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