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Mass Effect's Joker - Seth Green - Still Proudly Flies The Normandy On Twitter

Mass Effect's Joker - Seth Green - Still Proudly Flies The Normandy On Twitter

The greatest pilot in the galaxy

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

I know I'm years late to this party, but I recently (finally) finished the Mass Effect trilogy for the very first time. To quote Owen Wilson: "wow". BioWare's sci-fi trilogy is made up of one game that has aged badly but is carried by an excellent story, one completely perfect game, and one great game that stumbles towards the end.

It might be an uneven experience in 2021, then, but there was one constant I could take comfort in throughout the entire adventure: Joker is the absolute goddamn GOAT.

Take a look at the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in action below:

Played by the inimitable Seth Green (Family Guy, Robot Chicken), Joker is the pilot of the Normandy and one of the few characters Commander Shephard can always rely on. If you're in a pickle, he'll be there to bail you out at the last minute as you an epic slow-motion jump to safety. He's also usually on hand to provide some much-needed comic relief after you've just had a harrowing heart-to-heart with one of your teammates about their dead parents/siblings/planet. What a guy.

Heck, I felt my heart leave my chest when I thought he died at the start of Mass Effect 2. Seeing him alive and well - and on a rebuilt Normandy, no less - was like what I imagine holding your firstborn child feels like.

It's fair to say, I think, that Joker is one of the most universally beloved characters from the entire trilogy - which is why it's so great to see that Seth Green himself still loves the character and the franchise as much as we do. As one fan pointed out on Reddit, Green has the Normandy as his Twitter banner! It's unclear how long this has been his banner, but it's great to see that even after all this time, he's flying the flag for his crew.

I have no idea when or where the next Mass Effect game will be set, but it sure would be nice to see Joker take flight one last time.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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