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First Look At 'Scarface 2' Video Game Appears Online

First Look At 'Scarface 2' Video Game Appears Online

Newly surfaced concept art and screenshots have appeared for a cancelled Scarface game sequel, and they look amazing.

Catherine Lewis

Catherine Lewis

The year is... some time in the late-2000s. Little did the world know that somewhere out there, at Radical Entertainment, a sequel to Scarface: The World Is Yours was in development. The original 2006 title was pretty great, to say the least - the action-adventure, which kind of acted as a sequel to the 1983 movie (albeit, if the film had ended differently), released on the PS2, Xbox, Wii and PC, and was received really positively (the PS2 version holds a very respectable critic score of 75 on Metacritic, with an even better user score of 8.7).

With that in mind then, it's little wonder that a follow-up title was planned and in the works, but as you're probably guessing based on the fact that nothing was ever released, yeah, this tale doesn't have the ending that fans would be hoping for. As reported by VGC, we've just discovered in one fell swoop that the game existed... and was then swiftly cancelled. Just to rub salt into the wound, we've also seen what the real thing actually looked like, and unfortunately, it was looking very promising.

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How do we know this? Well, a whole load of concept art and screenshots from the game were released by ex-employees of Radical Entertainment, and compiled into a video by YouTube user Mafia Game Videos. The game was clearly going to be set in Las Vegas, as in the art we can see the iconic Las Vegas Strip and surrounding desert, as well as what appears to be a casino lobby in one of the screenshots. According to the video description, the title got officially cancelled in 2009, after Activision acquired the studio and promptly laid off up to half of Radical's staff.

Believe it or not, these visuals have been floating around on the internet for some time now - as pointed out by VGC, the screenshots have been right there for anyone to see on the employees' ArtStation profiles for years, but have only just been properly brought to light thanks to this new video compilation. What a bittersweet feeling, huh? Maybe someday we'll actually get the sequel we always deserved.

Featured Image Credit: Rick Rische and West Studio via ArtStation / Mafia Game Videos via YouTube

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