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Rockstar Manager Drops Potentially Spicy 'GTA 6: Vice City' Tease

Rockstar Manager Drops Potentially Spicy 'GTA 6: Vice City' Tease

Welcome to Miami

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

A manager at Rockstar Games has gleefully tipped a bucket of petrol onto the bonfire of GTA VI rumours currently going around, by way of a cryptic Instagram post.

It's not surprising that a game as massive as GTA VI has a ton of rumours and expectation surrounding it, especially in lieu of any official information. Over the past few months, the most recurrent rumour has been that the in-development open-world game will see players returning to Vice City.

This is something Tom Henderson, the prolific leaker who correctly reported on just about every single detail of Battlefield 2042 months before it was confirmed, suggested last month. Now, it seems, Rockstar staff are getting in their own teases.

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As spotted by Reddit, Rockstar soundtrack manager and music supervisor Tony Mesones shared a picture of what looks like Miami on his Instagram story, along with the caption, "Who said it would be cold??"

While this could well just be Mesones sharing a picture from on holiday (as we all do), it's the fact that they specifically tagged Rockstar in the story that has people speculating on whether it could be something more.

"Why did they @ Rockstar Games? Is there an event going on related to them?" one user wrote. "If you're on a vacation, why tag your employer? Unless they covered it, of course."

"Yeah, I would not be tagging my work place during my vacations lol," another responded.

"What's so special is that he tagged his employer. If it would purely be a private trip, he wouldn't have done that. HOWEVER, this might just be correlated with the remaster of Vice City," a third hopeful fan posited.

Whether Mesones' story was an innocent Instagram holiday snap or something specifically designed to tease fans remains unclear for now. What is clear, however, is that GTA fans are starved for news and desperately need something soon.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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