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'Powerpuff Girls' Official First Look Is Way Better Than The Leaked Photos

'Powerpuff Girls' Official First Look Is Way Better Than The Leaked Photos

Blossom suffers from social anxiety, Bubbles seeks her former fame, and Buttercup wishes to lead a quiet life.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The Powerpuff Girls is getting a live-action adaptation, and filming is well underway with a star-studded cast. And this official trio of photos of the characters themselves offers some extra details.

The CW and Warner Bros. Television Studios are at the helm of Powerpuff, and the team bringing the iconic early noughties show to life is enviable. It's got executive producers Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden on board, as well as writers Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody, who have been credited on Veronica Mars, Sleepy Hollow, iZombie, Juno and Jennifer's Body.

Dove Cameron is playing Bubbles, Chloe Bennet is playing Blossom, and Yana Perrault is playing Buttercup. If you're a Disney devotee, you'll recognise Cameron from her role as Mal in Descendants, a fantasy series following the children of the villains from fairytales. Bennet is best known for playing Daisy Johnson in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Perrault, as an artist, released her debut album Headphones, Please in 2018 and has since snagged roles on Broadway.

When I learned about the show, I will admit to not being wholly convinced. The point of The Powerpuff Girls is that it's a sweet and not-so-serious show about how exciting it would be to be a superhero and delight in the bright colours and slapstick humour. The initial photos we got from the set of Powerpuff did allay my worries, as the costumes were practically lifted from the cartoon, with block colour shift dresses and mary-janes. However, these are likely to be their dresses from their younger years, as the new photos show the trio exhibiting their own style as they attempt to step out of the shadow their superhero careers have cast.

Powerpuff /
The CW

Along with this photo, we also got more details on how their original personalities have changed into young adulthood. "Though she was a spunky, conscientious, Little-Miss-Perfect child who holds several advanced degrees, Blossom's repressed kiddie-superhero trauma has left her feeling anxious and reclusive, and she aims to become a leader again - this time on her own terms," said The CW. On the other hand, Bubbles' "charming exterior belies an unexpected toughness and wit," and now she's "more interested in recapturing her fame than saving the world." I hate to say it but this does check out for Bubbles. Lastly, Buttercup is really "more sensitive than her tough exterior suggests," and she'd much rather "live an anonymous life" and leave her daring deeds in the past.

Joining Cameron, Bennet, and Perrault are Donald Faison as Professor Utonium, Robyn Lively as Sara Bellum, and Nicholas Podany as Joseph "Jojo" Mondel Jr. At the moment, it doesn't have a release window, but we'll keep you in the loop when we know more.

Featured Image Credit: The CW

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