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'The Last Of Us Part 2' Just Hit A Milestone No Other Game Has Managed

'The Last Of Us Part 2' Just Hit A Milestone No Other Game Has Managed

I love it when a boycott comes together.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

I probably don't need to tell you that The Last Of Us Part II is a divisive game. Naughty Dog's long-awaited sequel wasn't what any of us were expected when it released last June, and that was a problem for a lot of people. Still, even attempted boycotts and review bomb campaigns haven't stopped Ellie and Abby's grim adventure from achieving something no other video game in history has ever managed.

According to (thanks, GameByte), The Last Of Us Part II now has a whopping 302 Game Of The Year Awards to its name. The online tracker scours the internet to check all award ceremonies from media outlets and readers, so this is a pretty comprehensive tally.

At December's Game Awards alone, Naughty Dog's title took home an impressive seven wins, including Best Action/Adventure award, and the coveted Game Of The Year. It also took home Best Narrative, Best Game Direction, Best Audio Design, Innovation in Accessibility, and Best Performance for Laura Bailey as Abby. Since then The Last Of Us Part II has only garnered more acclaim.

We actually reported back in January that The Last Of Us Part II had overtaken The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to become the most-awarded video game of all time, with Naughty Dog just managing to overtake the 280 awards that CD Projekt RED's fantasy masterpiece picked up.

This means that The Last Of Us Part II is now the first video game in history to have claimed over 300 awards in under a year, which is a huge achievement. I can't imagine we'll see anyone take Naughty Dog's crown for a while now. Maybe not until The Witcher 4 finally releases, anyway.

Unsurprisingly, The Last Of Us Part II also left 2020 as the most-awarded game by a huge margin. Supergiant's excellent rougelike Hades, (GAMINGbible's favourite game of 2020), had the second most awards of the year with 47. We're not sure what exactly is next for Naughty Dog, but we do know a remake of the original The Last Of Us is on the cards eventually.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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