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'The Getaway' Studio Teases New PlayStation 5 Game With 'Huge Potential'

'The Getaway' Studio Teases New PlayStation 5 Game With 'Huge Potential'

Let it be...

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Sony Interactive Entertainment's London Studio has just announced some pretty big moves, and have confirmed some very early details on its next project.

A new post over on the London Studio website (thanks, PlayStation Universe) confirms that the developer has appointed two new studio co-heads. Tara Saunders and Stuart Whyte, who have both been with the company since 2017. As co-heads, the pair will be driving London Studio forward with at least one in-development title that has "huge potential".

The Getaway /

"I want us to dream big and realise our full potential," Saunders explained in response to a question about where they want the studio to be in five years. "But at the same time ensure that there is a real emphasis on ethical and sustainable game development practices. We have super strong values in place that mean we should be keeping in mind the importance of inclusivity, balance and team spirit on a day to day basis. Our next project has HUGE potential and we want to leverage that to the max by empowering the team to thrive and deliver a top quality game!"

So what could this ambitious project be? It's worth noting that we don't know for sure yet, but rumours have suggested a revival of the popular open-world crime game The Getaway could be on the cards.

For those who aren't aware, The Getaway hit PlayStation 2 way back in 2002, and was essentially a 3D Grand Theft Auto-style game set in London. A poorly received sequel was released in 2004, and the franchise has been on ice since then.

Fans of The Getaway got excited last year when they realised the London Studio website has a number of job listings for an as-yet unannounced next-gen game, with ideal candidates having had experience on at least three AAA releases. Could it possibly be?

Mike Rouse, who runs YouTube channel Retro Gamer Boy and previously worked on The Getaway, also commented last year that he'd heard something was brewing last year regarding a revival for the franchise. Beneath an original trailer for the game, Rouse responded to a fan pining for a remaster: 'I've heard from my contacts at Sony that something is in the works. What it is though I don't know.'

The Getaway celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022, which would certainly mark the perfect time to unveil a revival. Whyte also acknowledged The Getaway as part of London Studio's "rich heritage", an encouraging sign that the franchise definitely hasn't been forgotten about by Sony.

This is mostly speculation at this stage, of course. London Studio could be working on any number projects right now, including a sequel to the excellent PlayStation VR title Blood & Truth. We'll have to wait and see what the future brings, but it's clear London Studio has big dreams for the next few years, and that's great to see.

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