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This PS1-Themed PlayStation 5 Is A Thing Of Beauty

This PS1-Themed PlayStation 5 Is A Thing Of Beauty

By Jove.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Squatting squarely on the shelf, the PlayStation 5 surely makes a statement with its size and sweeping swishy panels. This retro remake, however, has set the Internet alight with adoration as it matches the colour scheme of the original console launched 25 years ago.

Reddit user blakeprice1 is one of the lucky ones with a PlayStation 5 - they are as rare as hen's teeth for a number of reasons. For starters, the pandemic has thrown a wrench in the orderly activity of the manufacturing industry as Asian countries attempted to understand and contain the coronavirus between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Employees fell ill so they couldn't work and companies grappled with the financial losses while consumer demand for computers, consoles, cameras and more surged due to social distancing measures around the world.

As the manufacturers are now playing catch-up, the actors with the highest bids have access to the coveted semiconductors that are used in an enormous range of home electronics. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony might seem like the heavy hitters to you and I, but they're losing out to bigger companies like Apple and Huawei. Consequently, Sony's ability to produce PlayStation 5s is curtailed.

All PlayStation 5s come with Astro's Playroom installed on the console, which is an adorable adventure that tours the incredible bits and bobs inside the machine that enable it to deliver a performance worthy of the next generation. Check out a compilation of these Easter eggs of games gone by.

If you've been fortunate to snap up a PlayStation 5 before they go out of stock within a few minutes, you might have an inkling to personalise that chunk of plastic and circuitry. Those sleek white panels are a blank page and we've seen a lot of awesome artistry from players, like this Ghost of Tsushima themed console (though there is a slight error in its text). blakeprice1 didn't dedicate their radical PlayStation 5 redesign to a game, though. Painting the panels a light grey and swapping out the shell of the DualSense for the same shade, this console is a beautiful tribute to the PlayStation.

Upcycling is the name of this gamer's... game, as they had lifted the D-pad and four buttons from their DualShock 4 to replace those transparent white buttons that the DualSense has. Nifty. Stunningly enough, blakeprice1 said that this retro remake is actually a prototype for the final rendition and it will "look 1000x better" with the new plates. Well, I'd best invest in a pair of anti-glare sunglasses if that's the case. The shine emanating from that PlayStation 5 will be something to truly behold.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios, blakeprice1 via Reddit

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