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This Photorealistic 'Minecraft' Texture Pack Is Actually Deeply Unsettling

This Photorealistic 'Minecraft' Texture Pack Is Actually Deeply Unsettling

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Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

There's never been a better time to love video games. Truly, there's something out there for everyone! If you fancy some laid back adventures with bright visuals, you can dive into anything from Slime Rancher to Animal Crossing: New Horiizons.

Fancy something a little grittier and realistic? Let yourself be blown away by Red Dead Redemption 2 or Ghost Of Tsushima - two games so ridiculously good looking that I sometimes have trouble believing they exist. But exist they do! And they live in harmony with all manner of games with their own varied and interesting aesthetics. My point? Just because a video game can produce photorealistic graphics, that doesn't always mean it should.

Heck, just take a look at the astounding Insane Realism HD Texture Pack for Minecraft below.

As spotted by DSO Gaming, this texture pack includes 72 completely overhauled blocks to create something truly impressive, but undeniably freaky. I'm not saying it's bad, to be clear - this is obviously amazing work - but it just feels wrong seeing Minecraft like this. It's like watching a cat learn to drive a little car; impressive, but clearly very strange.

It's been pointed out by the mod's creator nerdgirl_art that the Insane Realism HD Texture Pack might not be compatible with Minecraft RTX. They suggest using Kappa instead, a shaderpack aims for an equally impressive graphical facelift, making improvements to lighting while adding in other flourishes such as volumetric clouds and dynamic shadows.

If you think your PC can handle the heat and you want to see this in action for yourself, you can download the Insane Realism HD Texture Pack here. You can also download the Kappa Shader here. As always, be careful downloading any content you're unsure about and don't trust 100 percent. You'll also want to make sure your PC can actually run these mods, obviously.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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