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'No Man's Sky' Finally Looks Like The Game We Were Promised With New Update

'No Man's Sky' Finally Looks Like The Game We Were Promised With New Update

From the brink of destruction, No Man's Sky is great now

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

No Man's Sky has had some of the highest highs and the lowest lows in gaming history. Many of us remember the lead up to its launch - a space-adventure title that promised endless planets, deep exploration, and so much more. But when No Man's Sky did release back in 2016, it was, frankly, a bit of a mess. Many of the features promised weren't delivered; people found it glitchy and unpolished; and a huge backlash hit its makers, Hello Games.

But now, a few years on, No Man's Sky is seen as a success story. From the very edge of complete failure, the Hello Games team updated the game again and again and again, until it went from disliked to acceptable, and acceptable to adored. Its latest update, Prism, has delivered yet another gorgeous upgrade - at this point, No Man's Sky really has grown into the shoes of the game it promised to be.

Here is the trailer for the latest No Man's Sky update: Prism. It's a huge graphics update to the game, and it looks stunning...

The post detailing the updates shows off that surfaces in the game are more reflective and the lighting quality has been improved making interior spaces, especially, stand out. NPCs and lifeforms look more realistic in this graphics update, and underground environments have been improved to feel more "alien and exotic".

New warp effects, new skies, and updated fur on some creatures are all part of the Prism update. Hello Games is even reworking some UI and making the photo mode in the game better. It's important you have the right tools to take the very best screenshots, you know?

The full details explaining all the new differences can be found on the No Man's Sky website. Although many of them might seem small, they'll all add up together to create an even better looking game for next-gen consoles, and for VR especially.

Featured Image Credit: Hello Games

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