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Nintendo's Super Mario World Will Officially Open On March 18

Nintendo's Super Mario World Will Officially Open On March 18

Florida is still a little way off, but Japan has its Nintendo World ready

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

Roll up, roll up. It's official, Super Nintendo World is finally opening its doors on March 18 - and we couldn't be more delighted to hear the news. Nintendo has been working with Universal Studios to bring us four Super Nintendo Worlds: one in Japan, two in the US in Hollywood and Orlando, and a fourth to eventually come to Singapore. The latter three are still in the works, but Japan's is finally ready for the public.

So later this month, on March 18, Super Nintendo World will open its doors. The world inside the park is exactly as it would be if you were playing Super Mario 3D World, basically. Piranha Plants ready to chomp, spinning coins glinting in the sun, Thwomps being generally threatening. It's an impressive interpretation of the world of Mario and friends.

The park has a Mario Kart ride, a slightly more gentle adventure with Yoshi, several objects to interact with like blocks for you to jump-punch like Mario would - and, of course, food and drink to consume while you're waiting for rides. Oh, and we can't forget the shops for you to buy all that merchandise in.

If you can't immediately get to experience Super Nintendo World yourself in Japan (because like, yeah, there are several reasons that feel a little impossible right now) you can have a look around the park online. This website, celebrating the opening, gives you a good idea of what to expect in the Japanese park - and it's just beautiful. Stunning, really. And we hope to have a report from the theme park on these very pages, very soon!

We have recently reported that the American equivalent isn't going to be open for a while, unfortunately. During the pandemic, construction on Florida's Super Nintendo World halted entirely, so as restrictions lessen in the US and work begins again, Universal Studios has to rehire teams to work on the project. Right now it's estimated that the Florida equivalent will be open in 2025 - by which time, hopefully, international travel is a little easier for everyone.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Studios Japan

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