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New 'Marvel's Avengers' Trailer Released Alongside Gameplay And More

New 'Marvel's Avengers' Trailer Released Alongside Gameplay And More

Highway to the War Zone.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Square Enix have shown off gameplay footage for the upcoming Crystal Dynamics developed Marvel's Avengers game, as well as giving us a sneak peak at the single-player story.

Debuted during a half-hour long livestream on June 24th, the trailer and gameplay have been shown with the game just months from release.

The story trailer which you can watch below is a little generic in its premise; the Avengers have disbanded following a cataclysmic event, there's in-fighting among them, it's up to a plucky outsider, Kamala Khan, to assemble them all again (ahem) and restore the status quo of the Marvel universe. I suppose you could argue that that's exactly what you'd want from a superhero story, but it feels a little too trodden a path still, doesn't it?

The livestream then went on to detail the game's main antagonist M.O.D.O.K. who has the ability to control machines with his mind, and a shady company called AIM who have flooded the world with advanced AI to protect humanity while the Avengers were off the scene. You can probably see where that one is going.

We already knew that the game would involve both single-player and multiplayer sections, but the stream announced that individual Hero Missions (single-player) would be unlocked by playing through the game. A Thor-centric mission entitled Once An Avenger sees the muscle-bound deity knocking generic looking robots for six on the Avenger's Helicarrier. Iron-Man and Hulk also make an appearance.

Combat looks much the same as we've seen in previous clips, by which I mean it looks... Fine? Obviously a big part of what's going to make an Avengers game pop is the combat giving players a bevvy of powerful and weighty attacks. After all, you are Earth's best defenders. It might just be us but Thor's hammer Mjolnir sounds a little fragile when it's burying itself in the enemy's heads, and feels bereft of its usual energy. And that flying definitely looks a little janky.

Also debuted was the online co-op portion of the game called War Zones. These can be played with up to four other people or alone with AI companions with a vast roster of superheroes doing battle with evil henchmen and bosses in a variety of locales. Naturally you'll be able to unlock things like buffs and character customisations by playing the game, but there's also going to be an online store where you can presumably spend real money to get the more coveted stuff.

There was a tonne of other little details shown off during the half-hour livestream so be sure to go check it out (link here) if you're picking up what the game is putting down.

Marvel's Avengers will release on September 4th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players will also be able to upgrade the game to the PS5 and Xbox Series X for free, once those consoles are available.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix / Crystal Dynamics

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