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Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Bloopers Show The Funny Side Of The Law Of Surprise

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Bloopers Show The Funny Side Of The Law Of Surprise

Do they know it’s Witchmas time at all?

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Netflix has released the official blooper reel for The Witcher, shattering the illusion of Geralt's faultless skill and prowess in battle, and it proves that Roach is a force unto themselves even in our reality.

This is part of the Six Days of Witchmas, which is a celebration of the first season of the show, offering "holiday feast where nobody has to mingle, and everybody receives a gift." Geralt would be on board with the first half of that sentence, for sure, but he's not a fan of pressies of any sort. Thankfully, the fans absolutely are, and they vote on polls on Twitter. One option is the prize for that day, like a sneak peek at a Witcher toy, or a page from one of season 2's scripts, and the other option is the Law of Surprise.

Central to the show's storyline, the Law of Surprise involves someone saved from death who is then expected to give their savior a gift or favour, but one that is not known to either of them. It's the reason why Calanthe tells Ciri to seek out Geralt after Cintra falls, but on a brighter note, no invasions are required to receive the surprise content from Netflix. Thank goodness. The latest gifts we got were these photos of a moody Jaskier, and on the fourth day of Witchmas, fans voted for what they'd always wanted: an official blooper reel for the first season of the show.

Feast your eyes. It mainly involves Geralt of Rivia actor Henry Cavill in a number of moments of discomfort and ridicule, though we do see the esteemed mage Stregobor struggle with his lines. Tissaia, ever the frosty guardian of the young magic-wielders, crumbles into a silly moment after what might have been a missed cue. There's also one blooper where Cavill complains of the oil on his skin, saying "I'm like a greased pig right now." A crew member corrects him: "a sexy greased pig!" And lastly, the Witcher's steed drops a very literal clanger in the background of one of Cavill's scenes, showing that the role of Roach is always one of unbridled chaos at all times.

Following a rapturous reception, The Witcher was greenlit for a second, third, and fourth season, though showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has plans for a seventh season. Filming on the second season was progressing well, with fresh faces and fan favourite characters cast, but the pandemic meant that production had to be halted twice. However, the actors aren't ones to be twiddling their thumbs, and held a bake off, with incredible foodstuffs created from their competition. Originally, the second season was intended to release in 2021, but the problems they've encountered might have pushed this window backwards. We'll keep you in the loop when we know more.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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