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Netflix’s Hit Series ‘Squid Game’ Has Made It To ‘Roblox’

Netflix’s Hit Series ‘Squid Game’ Has Made It To ‘Roblox’

Some players are putting their reactions to the test.

Imogen Mellor

Imogen Mellor

It seems like everyone on the planet right now is talking about Netflix's new hit series Squid Game. The Korean thriller is a wild ride of emotions as you watch players compete in childrens' games to win a massive cash prize but of course, there's a catch. Fail at any of the tasks you're given and you're killed - no questions asked. The entire series is incredibly compelling, asking viewers to think about how they'd survive in these crucial moments, or if they'd compete at all. And that's led to fans making their own version of Squid Game in Roblox.

Roblox, much like Minecraft, is a hub of creativity. Players make their own maps all the time, so it's no wonder that people have made their own versions of the deadly games for people to compete in. It was only a matter of time right?

Here is the trailer for Squid Game...

Of course, the most recognisable and first kid's game you see in the series is Red Light, Green Light. Growing up, Brits might have known this more as Grandma's Footsteps, but the premise is the same - one kid at the front has their back to everyone else and while they're not looking you can move forward to reach them. If the kid turns around and spots you moving, you're eliminated. In Squid Game's Red Light, Green Light, being eliminated is a little more literal than the playground version.

And Red Light, Green Light is being played by Squid Game fans in Roblox causing just about the same amount of chaos as I expected. A clip of someone playing has already gone viral on Twitter, showing dozens of polygonal people running towards the deadly robot doll, some, of course, meeting a grim demise if they're caught out.

I do find it somewhat amusing though that childhood games are making a comeback in a game, because of a Netflix series, rather than our nostalgia. We're all just testing ourselves to see if we could survive the nightmare of Squid Game ourselves.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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